1. Watch the videos in the bottom-left tile on the landing page inside your Hexawise account - "Hexawise Introduction", "Achieving Benefits", and "Prioritizing Benefits" tabs.

  2. Complete the Hexawise Foundations Certification course in the bottom-right tile, "Certification" tab.

  3. Review the rest of the “Getting Started” section in the Knowledge Center.

    1. Specifically “Quick Tour of All Hexawise Screens” and "How do I create a simple test plan?" provide core practical references.

  4. Skim through other sections of the Knowledge Center.

    1. "Common Hexawise Use Cases and Sample Plan Explanations" could be especially useful to see how models could be built from scratch.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the support options - messenger in the bottom right, email to support@hexawise.com.

We also offer paid, self-paced Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification course and paid, instructor-led training sessions.

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