Inside Hexawise, the Revisions option allows you to easily revert to a previous version of that test plan. We provide a list of each revision and the date so all you have to do is click a button to revert to that version. We also give you the option to copy that plan (in case you want to view that plan, but also want to keep all the updates you have made since then) and create a new plan based on that version.

When you are editing a test plan in Hexawise, you will see a revisions link on the top of the screen (see image):

Note, revisions are available in editable test plans, the revisions link is not available in uneditable test plans (such as the sample plans). I saved an editable copy of the plan into my private plans.

In the example in this post, I am using the Hexawise sample plan "F) Flight Reservations" which you can view in your own account.

One of the notes in this sample plan says we should also test for whether java is enabled or not. So I added a new parameter for java and included enabled and not-enabled as parameter values.

At a later date, if we wanted to go to a previous version, all we have to do is click the revisions link (see top image) and then we get a list of all revisions and versions of the plan:

Mouseover the revision we want to use and we can make a copy of that version or we can revert to the version we desire.

With this feature, Hexawise allows you to have complete version control of your test plan.

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