Hexawise Automate provides support for turning your Hexawise test cases into Gherkin-style “Given-When-Then” scripts for use in automated testing. To further support this capability, Hexawise also allows you to convert your Hexawise Automate (“Given-When-Then”) script into one of approximately 20 different automated testing frameworks. Here is the complete list: 

  • Behat

  • Behave

  • CSharp [NUnit]

  • Cucumber [Groovy]

  • Cucumber [Java]

  • Cucumber [Javascript]

  • Cucumber [Ruby]

  • Cucumber [TypeScript]

  • Groovy [Spock]

  • Java [Espresso]

  • Java [JUnit]

  • Java [TestNg]

  • Javascript [Jasmine]

  • Javascript [Mocha]

  • Javascript [Protractor]

  • Javascript [qUnit]

  • JBehave

  • PHP [PHPUnit]

  • Python [UnitTest]

  • Robot Framework

  • Ruby [MiniTest]

  • Ruby [RSpec]

  • Selenium IDE [Robot Framework]

  • SpecFlow

Exporting into one of the above frameworks automatically generates all of your Hexawise test cases and the necessary automation-related skeleton code tailored for the desired automation framework.

All that’s necessary to turn this Hexawise export into a set of executable automated tests is for an automation engineer to write the underlying code that tells your test execution tool what the keywords and commands in your Hexawise export actually mean in relation to the system under test.

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