Hexawise Automate makes use of Gherkin syntax for Behavior Driven Development. To further support this, Hexawise has an export option named 'Automated Test Framework'

The Automated Test Framework option allows you to convert your Hexawise Automate script into one of several different automated testing frameworks, including:

  • Ruby RSpec
  • Ruby MiniTest
  • Cucumber
  • Python UnitTest
  • Java JUnit
  • Java TestNg
  • Robot Framework
  • Selenium IDE
  • Javascript qUnit
  • Javascript Jasmine

After selecting your desired framework and choosing how you would like your export delivered, you'll be given a zip file.  Within the zip file are a number of files that your engineering team can use to direct how your automated testing framework should work, with all the details from your Hexawise Automate script already filled in.

Here is an example for Ruby RSpec that shows how the automated tests are already filled in and waiting to be run.

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