Imagine you are generating a set of 2-way tests for this System Under Test

There is a special Expected Result you must test for that only happens in rare circumstances:

Specifically, we need to confirm that when a family of more than 1 adults and more than 1 children fly from the US to India in a Round Trip Ticket, one of the children will fly free.

Will your normal set of 2-way tests include this scenario?

Probably not. So we will need to do something special to force this important outcome to occur. We will need to ensure that these values all appear together in a single test that gets "forced" into our test set.

How should you include this important-to-test for scenario in your test set?

The best and easiest way to make this happen is to use the Forced Interactions in Hexawise.

You should ask yourself these questions when using the feature.

  1. What is the Expected Result you need to see?  "Confirm that one of the children receives a free ticket".

  2. How many specific values must be present in the test case? 5 specific values. (If the answer to this question was only 1 or 2, we would be able to use the Expected Results feature in Auto-Scripting; we wouldn't need to force these values to appear together in a single scenario because a simple set of 2-way tests would automatically ensure coverage of every single pair of test conditions).

  3. What specific values need to be present in the test case? (1) From: US, (2) To: India, (3) OW or RT: Round Trip, (4) Adults: More than 1, and (5) Children: More than 1. So we will specify these 5 specific values using the Forced Interactions feature.

  4. What parameters do not impact the outcome? Direct or Layover does not impact the result. Class of travel does not impact the result. So do not enter any specific values when you use the Forced Interactions feature.

Here's what the selection process would look like in the Forced Interactions screen:

Key points

Assuming you are using two-way testing strength...

  • If you have more than 2 values that must appear together in a test case in order to trigger an Expected Result, you should probably use the Forced Interactions feature.

  • If you have an Expected Result that can be triggered with only one or two test inputs, you do not need to do anything special, You can simply document the Expected Result in the Auto-Scripting screen.

  • You SHOULD specify the values that will impact the Expected Result.

  • You SHOULD NOT specify the values that will not impact the Expected Result.


There are two other approaches that could be used here to ensure that the specific 5-way combination of values appeared in your test set.

The first approach would be to create a 5-way set of tests.

The second approach would be to create a mixed-strength set of tests, with 5-way above each of the relevant parameters.

Neither of these approaches would be good here. They would result in far too many tests.


Cut and paste these Parameters and Values into a new Hexawise plan and answer these 3 questions:


Flying to[the United States, the Philippines, India]

Flying From[India, the Philippines, the United States]

One Way or Round Trip[One Way, Round Trip]

Direct or Layover[Direct, Layover]

Class[Coach, Business, First]

Adults[1, More than 1]

Children[0, 1, More than 1]

1) How many tests are required when you force your desired scenario into your suite using the Forced Interactions feature?

2) How many tests are generated when you create a 5-way set?

3) How many tests are generated when you create a mixed-strength set with 5-way?

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