This Hexawise test design exercise will require you to create a few Invalid Pairs to prevent impossible-to-test combinations from being generated. Some useful background information about what this feature is, what problem it solves, and how to use it is provided in this Hexawise Invalid Pairs help file.


I. Create a New Plan using the following model elements:

Animal[Dog, Cat]

Specific Type[Weiner Dog, Puggle, Blood Hound, Portuguese Water Dog, Siamese, Abyssinian, Sphynx, Persian]

Payment Terms[Payment Made in Full, Payment Made in Quarterly Installments over 2 Years]


II. Before Modifying Anything, Create a Set of 2-way Scenarios

How many tests do you see?  ____________________

What problem do you see with the tests you've generated?  ____________________


III.  Prevent "Impossible to Test For" Combinations from Appearing

Create a bunch of Invalid Pairs. Specifically...

A) Prevent "Dog" from appearing in any scenarios with Siamese, Abyssinian, Sphynx, or Persian.

B) Prevent "Cat" from appearing in any scenarios with Weiner Dog, Puggle, Blood Hound, or Portuguese Water Dog.

IV.  Create a set of Pairwise (e.g., 2-way) tests.

How many tests do you see?  ____________________

Have you fully removed the problems you saw earlier?  ____________________

V.  Share your updated plan with

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