Open an editable version of the "Multi-Market Stock Trading" sample plan.

Create a set of 4-way scenarios.

How many tests are required to achieve complete 4-way coverage for this plan? (e.g., how many tests are generated to ensure that every possible 4-way combination of Values gets tested in at least one test?) __________

You do not have nearly enough time to execute that many tests. But stakeholders give you this ultimatum:

  • Not all 4-way combinations are equally important to test.

  • Stakeholders inform you that comprehensive coverage of the following Parameter Values is required.

  • In other words, it is imperative that all possible combinations involving: Market or Limit Order and Size of Transaction and Purchase/Sale and Transaction Exchange (Country) are included in your tests

Accordingly, generate a set of Mixed-Strength tests to achieve this objective

Now select 4-way above each of the highest-priority Parameter columns.

Click on the green "Reapply" button when finished.

How many Risk-Based Scenarios does this strategy generate? __________

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