Complete the exercise following the steps listed below.

Modify Tests



I. Login to your Hexawise account


II. Open up the Sample plan called "D) Document Printing Process ..."

As you open the plan, click on the green “Make an Editable Copy” button.


III. Before making any changes to the plan, click on the "Create Tests" button.

A) How many total possible test scenarios exist? _________________

B) Why does this particular plan have such a huge number of total possible test scenarios?  Specifically, what is the most important characteristic of this plan that explains why such a gigantic number of total possible test scenarios exist?   _________________ Hint: some of the sample plans have only a relatively small number of total possible tests. Other sample plans, like this one and the Google Maps Get Directions sample plan, have enormous numbers of total possible tests. 

C) How many 2-way tests are required? _________________

D) Page Margins = “Large Page Margins” is one Value in this plan. Another Value in the plan is Charts = “a pie chart. Will Hexawise’s 2-way set of tests include at least one test scenario with both of those specific values together in the same test?  _________________ Why or why not? ___________________________________________________


IV. The tests include the following combination: Device = Windows phone together with Browser = Safari. Make a change to prevent that combination from occurring.

Hint: you will need to use Hexawise's Invalid Pair feature.

A) How many 2-way tests are now required after your update? _________________


V. The company is dropping support for IE8 and adding support for both IE10 and IE11 with this release. Make appropriate changes to the inputs used on this plan.

Specifically, on the "Define Inputs" screen:

A) Delete IE8.

B) Add IE10. Add IE11.

C) Create an invalid pair between Device = Mobile Device and IE10. Also create an invalid pair between Device = Mobile Device and IE11.

D) After your updates, how many 2-way tests are now required? _________________


VI. In the last release, there was an issue reported by users who tried to print MS PowerPoint files on Epson printers but when Page Margins were Large.

This is a relatively rare type of "3-way" interactive defect that required all three of those Values to be present together in the same test; there are, of course, many, many more defects that are caused by a single Value or by just 2 Values interacting. Make sure that this release tests that specific 3-way combination by adding it in the Requirements tab.


VII. Our company's CEO got into a fist fight with someone who works at Adobe and is seeking his revenge in an unusually petty way. Over the objections of our Product Manager, our CEO has demanded that we print out Adobe PDF files with an ugly watermark.

Accordingly, please add the following Expected Result on the 4th step of the Auto-Scripts screen: "If File Type = Adobe PDF" then Expected Result = every page of the printed file should have a large watermark on it that reads "Please use another file format next time."  To do so, hover over the 4th step in the Auto-Scripting screen and click on "Add Expected Results" when the option appears.


VIII. Export your tests into Micro Focus ALM / QC format.

You may find these Hexawise export instructions to be helpful.


IX. First Test Design Consideration:  

Why do you think the Value Expansions feature is being used in this plan? (e.g., What would happen if, instead of using Value Expansions, the test designer had included .XLS, .XLSX, .DOC, .DOCX, .PPT, and .PPTX as six separate the "File Type" Parameter?)  ___________________________________________________


X. Second Test Design Consideration:

For the Values in the "Operating System" Parameter, why do you think general descriptive terms (such as "oldest supported," "most recent," and "most common") were used instead of more precise Operating System names (such as "Windows 10”)?  ___________________________________________________


XI. Share your plan with by following the instructions located here.

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