Complete the exercise following the instructions listed below.

Creating a simple set of tests



I. Create a simplified set of scenarios in your Hexawise account according to the guidance below.

This exercise will give you exposure to a couple of the main screens in Hexawise. 

II. Create a plan called "First sample test scenarios" and save it in a project called  "Training test plans". If needed, see Hexawise's test plan creation help file.

Enter the parameters (in bold text) and values below into your plan:

  • Size[Small, Medium, Large]

  • Weight[Light, Medium Weight, Heavy]

  • Cost[Inexpensive, Medium Cost, Expensive]

  • Shape[Triangular, Square, Rectangular]

  • Shipping Location[Here, Close to Here, Far Away From Here]

Hint: you can use the Bulk Edit mode to copy-paste the parameter set above.

III. Once you have entered your Parameters and Values, click on the "Scenarios" button and use the note feature to document your answers to these 3 questions before you share your plan.

  1. How many test scenarios did you generate when you clicked on the "Scenarios" link? ___

  2. How many 2-way interactions (also known as "pairs of values") are covered by your optimized tests? ___

  3. How many total possible number of test scenarios for this System Under Test? ___

First hint: the answers to the first two questions are clearly visible on the "Scenarios" screen.

Second hint: the answer to "how many total possible scenarios is revealed only if you hover over the "i" icon on the "Scenarios" screen.

IV. Share your updated plan (that should include your answers to the 3 questions above in a note inside the Hexawise plan) with by following the instructions located here.

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