Hexawise has a handy feature for reviewing test plans. The Plan Scorecard helps new users learn what makes a strong test plan. Advanced users will benefit from having a checklist for their test plan review.

Accessing the Plan Scorecard

The Plan Scorecard is available from the "Analysis" screen. To take full advantage of the Plan Scorecard, it is recommended that you generate a set of tests first. That way, you’ll know the most up-to-date analysis of your plan.

Reviewing a Hexawise Test Plan

When getting started with Hexawise, it can be difficult to know if your plan is effective. You have parameters and values, but are there too many? You used married pairs, but did you get carried away and marry every value? Answering these questions isn’t always simple, but when you review the Plan Scorecard you’ll get a better sense for if you are making effective test plans.

Uncover modeling issues with the Plan Scorecard

Let’s pretend that you had 10 products sold across 50 states. If you include each product as a value and each state as a value, you’ll wind up with a lot of tests: 500 pairwise tests just to cover states and products. The Plan Scorecard will alert you to long lists of parameters, and other potential modeling problems in your Hexawise test plan. 

To learn more about the ways the plan scorecard reviews your test plan, see the Plan Scorecard help file.

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