This lesson shows you:

  • What key features are accessible from the Inputs screen

  • How to navigate around the Inputs screen to access those features

You'll spend a lot of time on this screen, so it's worth understanding everything that is hiding here.  

Think of this lesson as spending a couple minutes sipping coffee with a tour guide, while reviewing a map of Paris.  You're orienting yourself before you go off to explore the city.  "Over here, we have the Eiffel Tower.  Over here, is the Musée d'Orsay..." Not much detail just yet, but we're just getting oriented.  

First, copy a Sample Test plan to make it editable. We will use the "Airplane Ticket Reservation" in this example.

Enter Your Test Inputs

To add new / more parameters:

1) Click "New Parameter."

2) Enter a Parameter Name (like "Flying to") in the Parameter Name field.  Your Parameters will be the "things that change" from test scenario to test scenario.

3) Type in Values for that Parameter (like "the United States" or "France") in the Values field.

4) When finished editing the Parameter and its Values, add them to your plan by clicking "Create."

Hovering Over Different Parts of the Screen Reveals Important Hidden Tool Tips

We'll show them to you now and explain them to you in greater detail in other Hexawise Help lessons and Hexawise Training lessons.

In the "Your Plans" view, hovering over plan names will reveal important tool tips. To display them:

1) Click "Your Plans" in the top left corner of your screen.

2) Hover over a plan name. Tools will appear to the right of the name.

Hovering over a Parameter reveals a nifty "move this up or down" option

Hovering Over a Value Reveals an Additional Tool Tip

This "branching" icon allows for value expansions. They allow for maximized variation in tests without increasing the number of tests by using general categories instead of explicit values.

Additionally under the "Constraints" tab, inputs can be required to appear together in tests (Bound) or require to not appear in tests (Invalid). They allow you to prevent "impossible to test for" scenarios from appearing in your test scenarios when you click on the "Test Cases" button. More information about these features are found in these Hexawise help files:

Never hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback to our test design experts or our user forum. Hexawise experts are happy to help if you ever have questions!

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