Hexawise will not execute your tests

  • Hexawise is a test design tool, and it will help you create more powerful sets of tests cases

  • Hexawise even automates many of the test design and test documentation steps, completing them faster with fewer errors, with greater completeness, and with optimized coverage

  • Having said that, Hexawise is not what most people think of when they hear about test automation tools like Quick Test Pro or Selenium.  Hexawise won't execute your test cases

Hexawise will not do all of your test design thinking for you

You must use your critical thinking skills, testing experience, and knowledge of the system you are testing to thoughtfully identify an appropriate set of test inputs necessary to thoroughly test whatever you want to test. While Hexawise does make things easier and faster for you (and Hexawise does combine the test inputs in ways that achieve more thorough coverage than you would be able to come up with on your own), you still need to identify and input the appropriate test inputs into Hexawise.  

The bad news is that identifying the most appropriate test inputs is not always an easy job.  Deciding which test inputs and testing ideas to include and exclude from your tests is not easy, whether or not you're using a test design tool.

The good news is that once you get some experience identifying appropriate sets of test inputs, you will find Hexawise to be a very intuitive tool to use.  

(Photo: Lauren Polinsky)

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