Hexawise is a revolutionary test design optimization tool used by teams to quickly generate exactly the right tests for their needs.

Hexawise is used by teams in the early stages of the testing processes (and by teams when they're creating scenario-based requirements). Benefitting from Intelligent Augmentation algorithms, Hexawise test sets have been repeatedly proven to find more defects (and find them more efficiently) than hand-selected test sets. Hexawise then integrates with tools responsible for subsequent steps, like Xray, Zephyr, or automation frameworks.

Executing Exactly the Right Tests

At its core, Hexawise generates tests that ensure you are able to execute exactly the right tests for your testing needs. The approach to generate those 'right' tests is summarized below and in other articles, but in short, test sets you generate with Hexawise are automatically optimized to maximize both testing thoroughness and testing efficiency by

(1) systematically avoiding wasteful repetition;

(2) systematically covering not only all user-specified requirements, but also 100% of all of the system's critical system interactions;

(3) doing so in the fewest possible number of tests mathematically possible.

With Hexawise, you'll test much faster. You'll also achieve objectively much better testing. Let's begin by discussing three key ways Hexawise will save you and your colleagues time before we explain how tests you'll generate using Hexawise are far more thorough than tests selected by hand.

I. "Faster Testing"

1. Design Faster

Generate test sets in seconds at the push of a button

Generating tests in Hexawise is a fundamentally different process than selecting and documenting individual tests by hand one by one. Generating optimized test sets using Hexawise requires that a thoughtful test designer starts by identifying inputs and variation ideas and entering those into Hexawise.

This process of beginning with the system inputs might seem strange at first, but typically doesn't take long to get used to and it quickly leads to enormous speed and thoroughness improvements. Once you've identified your system inputs, you'll be able to generate entire sets of extremely thorough and extremely efficient scenarios in seconds and adjust them as necessary.

2. Approve Faster

Clearly communicate testing coverage for faster approvals

Each time you generate a set of tests, Hexawise automatically creates insightful testing coverage reports that make it clear exactly what (and what is not) covered after any test you choose. These precise coverage reports facilitate clear and efficient communication between stakeholders. With Hexawise's coverage graphs in hand, you will immediately have clear, actionable, and fact-based answers to the questions posed above and the related questions of "How many tests are enough?"

3. Automate Faster

Quickly transform optimized scenarios into automated tests

If a large percentage of your automated tests today are individually written using hard-coded variables, the SDET's, Developers, and/or automation engineers responsible for scripting and maintaining those would love our tool.

Hexawise enables accelerated, optimized in-sprint automation because you can:

  • Rapidly create clear, consistent steps that leverage Behavior Driven Development principles - the largest benefit is the one-to-many relationship between Hexawise scripts and the data scenarios.

  • Export one Scenario block into multiple skeletal scripts based on the language of your choosing.

  • Maintain and reuse the script components much faster thanks to the model-based approach.

While Hexawise does not create fully-executable automated tests, the skeletal scripts can be quickly converted & completed by your colleagues with coding skills.

II. "Better Testing"

Tests generated with Hexawise are both more thorough AND more efficient than hand-selected tests.

1. Prevent Wasteful Repetition

Stop hand-selecting redundant tests.

  • The most common type of wasteful repetition is that certain system paths and certain combinations of test inputs get tested again and again in test after test.

  • Based on our experience analyzing thousands of hand-selected test sets, even when those sets achieve "requirements coverage," they consistently fail to thoroughly test critical system interactions.

The Hexawise solution

  • Hexawise uses sophisticated test generation algorithms powered by Intelligent Augmentation to systematically avoid redundancy at all costs.

  • Hexawise’s powerful test generation engine makes millions of ultra-rapid computations to mathematically eliminate wasteful repetition for you.

2. Eliminate Gaps

Wasteful repetition is a much larger problem than most teams realize because selecting scenarios by hand also inevitably leaves important coverage gaps. A "foreign" transaction type gets tested. An "extra large" transaction size gets tested. But those two ideas do not get tested together.

Hexawise uses sophisticated test generation algorithms powered by Intelligent Augmentation to systematically eliminate these coverage gaps. Whether a system under test has 50 critical interactions or 50,000 critical interactions, Hexawise will keep track of 100% of them and ensure your tests cover all of them (and do so in the fewest possible scenarios).

3. Find More Defects

The majority of software defects are triggered by simple interactions within a system. Hexawise will guarantee that 100% of those system interactions are covered in as few tests as possible.

Hexawise is widely applicable to a huge variety of different types of applications

Hexawise is being used by software testers to design software tests at over 1,000 companies and organizations, including more than 50 Fortune 500 firms. Teams use Hexawise to design software tests for every imaginable kind of project, including:

  • Waterfall and Agile

  • Manual and Automated

  • Projects testing the latest and greatest technologies, or testing antiquated systems far past their prime

  • Projects in every major industry under the sun

  • Testing guided by traditional / ISTQB approaches, and testing guided by a Context Driven Testing focus

You can read more about our applicability here.

One example of our impact is this improvement in defect prevention at a large global bank

If you are interested in learning more, we hope you enjoy other articles in our collection, and do not hesitate to reach our to us via support@hexawise.com or schedule the calls via the chat in the bottom right.

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