This lesson provides a brief overview of what Hexawise is and what benefits Hexawise provides.

Hexawise is a software test design tool to quickly create powerful tests

Software testers use Hexawise to quickly select and document powerful sets of software tests.

Hexawise-generated tests aren't just faster to create, studies consistently show that Hexawise tests are more effective than manually-selected tests

These benefits' descriptions are not just marketing puffery.  Published studies and case studies have compared the effectiveness of manually-selected test sets to the effectiveness of Hexawise-generated tests.  These reports consistently find that the Hexawise-generated tests are just plain better by a large margin! This is because Hexawise-generated tests are carefully designed to pack as much testing coverage into each test as possible while minimizing wasteful repetition included from test case to test case.  As a result:  

  • Fewer Hexawise tests are required

  • Hexawise-generated tests allow testers to find more defects

  • Hexawise-generated tests typically allow testers to find twice as many defects per tester hour

Hexawise is widely applicable to a huge variety of different types of applications

Hexawise is being used by software testers to design software tests at over 1,000 companies and organizations, including more than 50 Fortune 500 firms.  Teams use Hexawise to design software tests for every imaginable kind of project, including:

  • Waterfall projects and Agile projects

  • Manual testing projects and Automated testing projects

  • Projects testing the latest and greatest technologies, or testing antiquated outmoded systems far past their prime

  • Projects in every major industry under the sun

  • Testing guided by traditional / ISTQB approaches, and testing guided by a Context Driven Testing focus

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